About Us

General, Cosmetic, and Advanced Dentistry

Global Dentals and Facial Aesthetic Centre is a dental centre located in Medical Road area of Gorakhpur. Pioneered by Dr Saurabh Sinha (Periodontist and Implantologist) and Dr.Koshika Tandon Sinha MDS (Prosthodontist, Implantologist and Maxillofacial Prosthetist), this state of the art dental & implant center is equipped to provide European standard of quality dental care to our patients. We are an iso certified centre for maintaining the highest standard of dental practices. Global Dentals hosts an opportunity of upgraded dental and facial aesthetic treatments to the developing city of Gorakhpur city. It is a centre for complete dental solution by Dr Saurabh Sinha (Periodontist & Implantologist) and Dr.Koshika Tandon Sinha MDS (Prosthodontist, Implantologist and Maxillofacial Prosthetist respectively) and the team of specialised doctors.

Dental Treatment

Range of services in dental treatment from basic dental treatment like extraction or filling to high end treatments like dental implants, Full mouth rehabilitation, invisible braces is being regularly performed at Global dentals. An array of guidelines and treatments are followed at Global dental solutions to provide world-class facilities to our patients

Proper Sterilization

Highest concern one have while visiting a dental setup is about sterilization of the instruments, as all these instruments are going to be used into their mouth. At Global Dentals, all the instruments used in treatment are sterilized properly as per the highest standard medical guidelines laid by institutions in India and abroad. Most advanced sterilization equipment present worldwide are used to sterilize the instruments which is a transparent process and the patient can always observe the undergoing sterilization process in the sterilization room just sitting in the waiting area

Qualified Workforce

We have a workforce of trained and qualified staff who are well trained in general human behaviour, politeness and have the expertise to handle the equipment. They give special focus and guide you well on post-operative care.

State Of The Art Clinic

Global Dentals is not your next door clinic with gloomy and hospital-like environment. We have a state of art infrastructure with pleasing ambience and patient friendly environment with cheerful Doctors & staff who will guide you well through the process and provide appointments with no wait time.

Latest Digital Technology

We do digital radiographs to minimise the exposure occurring from its conventional counterparts. We have a well-connected digitised system, providing digital reports and scheduling online appointment schedules.

Maxillofacial Prosthesis Treatment

Global Dentals takes pride in introducing a lot of firsts in the city including treatment of most commonly faced problems like snoring and solution to complex problems like fabrication of maxillofacial prosthesis for damaged structures like eye, ear, nose or finger prosthesis. We also take care for the Fabrication of prosthesis and prosthetic rehabilitation for patients undergoing cancer treatments for which the patients earlier have to move to metros and bigger cities. We also make Mandibular guidance prosthesis in Mandibulectomy patients.

Cosmetic Dentistry & Facial Asthetics

Cosmetic oral makeovers like smile designing, gummy smile correction, derma fillers, thread lift, Botox, chemical peeling, PRP, Mesotherapy etc are performed at the clinic.

Meet Dr. Saurabh Sinha

Dr. Saurabh Sinha has graduated in the field of dentistry from reputed SPPGIDMS college of Lucknow and has completed his Master’s degree in the specialization of Periodontology and Implantology from SPPGIDMS and Diplomate in Aesthetic Medicine from, Canadian Board Of aesthetic medicine, Canada. Dr. Saurabh is a Gold Medallist and is currently a practitioner and an Associate Professor in the Department of Periodontology and Implantology . He is a well-known academician and has mentored a large number of BDS and MDS students. Dr. Saurabh has also served as external and internal examiner at different universities for Dental graduates and hygienists.

Meet Dr. Koshika

Dr. Koshika has graduated in the field of dentistry from reputed SPPGIDMS college of Lucknow and has completed her Master’s degree in the specialization of Prosthodontics, Implantology and Maxillofacial Prosthetics from SPPGIDMS. She is a passionate clinician and academician who loves to incorporate new technology and techniques in her practice. Her remarkable academic ability has guided a large number of graduate and postgraduate dental students to achieve a sound knowledge of the field. She is currently a practitioner and an Associate Professor in the Department of Prosthodontics & Maxillofacial Prosthetics
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