Digital X-Ray

Digital X-ray is crucial in dental treatment. It provides a thorough dental examination. X-rays are categorized into intra-oral and extra-oral, enabling the dentist to examine areas crucial for diagnosis and treatment planning, such as cavities, crown and root forms, bone structure, and tooth development.

The best dental clinic in Gorakhpur examines dental issues for complete dental treatment using advanced digital X-rays.

Advantages of digital X-ray

  • Patients get exposed to 70–80% less radiation.
  • There is no waiting time because the X-ray image develops immediately at the dental clinic in Gorakhpur.
  • The dentist can read X-rays more quickly by adjusting the brightness, contrast, and size of these X-rays.
  • The image can be sent right away to other doctors for additional review. The X-ray can be obtained in hard copy and given to the patient.
  • No darkroom or storage space is required because no chemicals develop the film.
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