There are many myths about dental health that we all believe. Myths have always existed, but modern platforms such as social media aid in the rapid spread of information. You receive a lot of information, but you may wonder if the information is genuine. Myths about healthcare, including dental health, can cause unintended health consequences. Global Dentals, the best dental clinic in Gorakhpur, has this guide to help you understand common oral health myths and misconceptions. In this blog, we’ll debunk some common dental myths and provide you with the facts you need to make informed decisions about your oral health.

Myth #1: Sugar is the primary cause of tooth decay.

Fact:According to the best dentist in Gorakhpur,while sugar contributes to tooth decay, it is not the only factor. Tooth decay occurs when bacteria in your mouth consume sugar and produce acids that erode the enamel on your teeth. However, it is not just the amount of sugar you consume that is important; it is also how frequently you consume it and how well you maintain oral hygiene. Brushing, flossing, and having regular dental checkups are all important in preventing tooth decay.

Myth #2: Tooth loss is genetic

Fact: Tooth decay—not genetics—is the main reason for tooth loss.

Some people believetooth loss is unavoidable because it runs in their family. However, according to the best dentist in Gorakhpur,losing teeth is entirely preventable. Most often, dental problems like cavities are the cause of tooth loss.

Similarly, poor dental health is not inherited. If you practise good oral hygiene, you can have perfectly healthy teeth. With proper brushing and flossing techniques, routine dental visits, preventative dental services, and cosmetic dentistry as needed, you can have healthy teeth for the rest of your life.

Myth #3: You should brush your teeth immediately after every meal.

Fact:As suggested by the best dentist in Gorakhpurbrushing your teeth right away after consuming acidic foods or beverages (like citrus fruits or soda) can actually harm your enamel. This is because acid temporarily softens enamel. The best time to brush your teeth after eating is at least 30 minutes later. While you wait, you can help get rid of some of the acids and food bits by rinsing your mouth with water.

Myth #4: Baby teeth don’t matter because they eventually fall out.

Fact:Baby teeth, also referred to as primary teeth, have vital purposes. They support proper chewing, clear speech, and the preservation of space for incoming permanent teeth. Baby teeth neglect can result in dental issues and affect the emergence of permanent teeth. So, the best dentist in Gorakhpur suggests that baby teeth should be treated as permanent teeth and if there is any issue, you must visit a paediatric dentist.

Myth #5: Brushing harder makes your teeth cleaner.

Fact:The idea that brushing your teeth longer and harder is better for your teeth is one of the most widespread dental hygiene myths. The best dentist in Gorakhpur advises against vigorously brushing your teeth for an extended period of time or more frequently than is advised in order to achieve shinier teeth. In fact, it can damage the gums and further erode the enamel.

Hence, our dentist recommends using a soft or medium-bristle toothbrush and a gentle brushing technique to avoid enamel erosion and gum recession.

Myth #6: Tooth Removal leads to blindness.

Wisdom tooth extraction is a common dental procedure often surrounded by a myth of causing eye-related issues. This myth is baseless; dental procedures affecting the ophthalmic nerve are extremely rare. Wisdom tooth removal becomes necessary due to factors like impaction, pain, decay risks, crowding, and cyst formation. Delaying extraction due to unfounded fears can lead to complications. It’s crucial to dispel this myth and promote accurate information. Patients should avoid exaggerating experiences and instead foster positive awareness about the procedure.

Myth #7: Using crowns and fillings can stop future tooth decay.

Fact:The best dentist in Gorakhpur asserts that while fillings and crowns do help to protect your teeth in some ways, they are not always effective.

He claims that fillings and crowns do not shield your teeth from gum disease, which develops when bacteria breach the gum line and start attacking the teeth. Maintaining good oral hygiene is important even if you have fillings or crowns on your teeth. Treat your crowns with the same level of care as you would your natural teeth.

Myth #8: Flossing is not required

Fact:If you don’t floss, plaque builds up between your teeth and the gum line. It raises your risk of developing gum disease and cavities. Flossing is the only way to remove food debris stuck between teeth because toothbrushes cannot reach it. In other words, flossing brings your brushing routine to a close.

The best dentist in Gorakhpur advises flossing at least once per day for good oral health. It’s a good oral hygiene practice to floss your teeth before brushing them. This makes the dirt and food particles easier for your toothbrush to remove.

Myth #9: You don’t need to visit the dentist if your teeth aren’t hurting.

Fact:The most prevalent dental myth is that you should wait to visit the dentist until you really need one. Often, people wait until they are in pain before making an appointment. For instance, tooth pain is not a symptom of cavities or gum disease until it is too late.

According to the best dentist in Gorakhpur, when dental issues start to hurt, the damage may already be severe and expensive. These serious dental issues can be avoided with regular dental visits and good dental hygiene.


After dispelling these myths, you need to reconsider your dental care approach. You should see a dental professional if you are experiencing any dental health problems. The best dental clinic in Gorakhpur, Global Dentals, offers first-rate dental care services tailored to your requirements. Contact us if you need any dental services in Gorakhpur.

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